Dear Valued Customer,

The ongoing threat to people’s health & safety due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus is a serious and ongoing global issue that affects all areas of business. Stirlings Performance Steels has implemented a number of internal measures to ensure the safety of both Customers & Stirlings personnel. Please follow the below guidelines and instructions prior to visiting:


  • If you believe you may have, or have had, contact with someone that may have or has COVID -19, please do not enter the building
  • If you have a runny nose & loose cough, you may have a common cold, do not enter the building
  • If you have a dry cough, sore throat lasting 3 to 4 days, high fever & difficulty breathing, you may have COVID-19, do not enter the
  • If you have not activated the COVIDSafe app on your mobile phone and do not have your phone with you, please do not enter the
  • If clear to enter the building, please;
    • Refrain from touching any surfaces
    • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from any person
    • Stand behind barriers & follow directional signage.                
    • If & after using toilets, apply soap to hands, wash for 20 secs in warm/hot water & dry.
  • If this prevents you from entering the building, please phone 1800 810 105 and a Stirlings representative will communicate & directly.


The company continues to confidently manage our inventories & supply. We do not currently have any significant issues with supply and want to reassure you; our customers, that we are committed to serving you with Quality Stock, Excellent Service & Outstanding Value.

Warm Regards,

Stirlings Performance Steels



Western Australia
Cnr North Lake Road
and Sobek Pass,
Bibra Lake, WA, 6163

Ph:+61 8 9366 6700
1041 Beaudesert Road,
QLD, 4108

Ph:+61 7 5631 0300
8 Lampton Ave,
Derwent Park,
TAS, 7009

Ph:+61 3 6277 6100





New South Wales
Contact: 0422 408 485 


South Australia
Contact: 0458 010 191 


Contact: 0447 792 516 


Northern Territory
Contact: 0458 010 191

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